Friday, May 21, 2010

Why isnt Boxing so popular nowadays like it used to be? Will it ever rise to the top again?

It makes me mad how people in the boxing industry only care about money. I dont even think they realize their messing up the sport. Hopefully in a couple of years it will be back on top with great boxers and they need start showing boxing on regular tv instead of PPV to make it more popular. What do u think?|||because no one wants to go toe to toe anymore

you have boxers that talk a lot of sh#t but dont do anything

promoters can be blame too because sometimes they dont want to see their boxers lose so they set them up with opponents that anyone can predict they%26#039;ll beat

|||boxing isnt dead the promoters are just retarted they promote fights once a year while ufc promotes 500 a day and there are too many boxing orghanizations like wbo wib hbo nad stuff while theer is only like 3 popular mma organizations such as ufc,elite xc, pride. If dana white still was a boxing promoter boxing would pwn ufc but i think its too late the new owners of boxing are like monkeys trying to get bananas|||boxing isnt popular as it used to be because if your an athletic young man theres more money to be made in other sports(basketball,football,baseball). theres about 1500 pro football players, about 2000 pro basketball players including the euro leagues and about 5000 pro baseball players. in all three sports you can make good money even if your a bench player. but only the top 25 ranked boxers in every weight class really make good money, with all the weight classes combined that only equals out to about 200 to 300 boxers. plus boxers rarely get the endorsement deals that others sportstars get. it all boils down to money. but right now boxing is flooded with great BOXERS ALL IN THEIR PRIME OR CLOSE TO THEIR PRIME!!!! COTTO, MARGARITO, PACQUIAO,KLITCHKO, PAVLIK, CALZAGHE,MARQUEZ, VAZQUEZ, DAWSON, TSYLOR. and boxing is on espn on friday nights and wednesday nights, and on fox sports late at night.|||i blame mma. mma is ok,but to be honest boxing takes more.

i mean,dont get me wrong mma is good.but you take the best mma heavyweight and put him against someone like rocky marciano,jack johnson,mike tyson,muhammad ali,the mma fighter wouldnt stand a the boxing that is. see,bjj is supposed to be so great,its ok.i would gladly take boxing over everything any takes more skill.all you have is your head and wrestling bull ****,no tap outs.and no kicks....its a true art..which is why dana white wouldnt allow the crossover boxing match,or crossover mma fight. oh and boxing will be at the top again.its just at the time period where its waiting for new fighters.|||Because boxing today is run by the organizations WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF and so on, they ultimately decide who fights each other. In my opinion there should only be one world champion in a weight division.

The quality of fighters has rapidly decreased since the 90%26#039;s and the Heavyweight division isn%26#039;t nearly as good as it used to be. But you re right its all about the money nowadays.|||Because your have boxers like; Floyd, Ivan Calderon that can win fights without boxing. These type of fighters make boxing a boreing sport that nobody wants to watch. We the fans want to see boxers like; cotto, paul, sugar, margo, paquiao, oscar, and many more that come to give it all to please the public. And to earn their living by dangeroulsy putting themselves in harms way. |||I would say that maybe you are an American, did i guess correctly. Boxing is still as popular as it ever was in the rest of the world especially in country%26#039;s like the Philippines, Eastern Europe, Mexico and the United Kingdom. All those country%26#039;s have some great champions at the moment and the sport is on a real high in those places at the moment, in America however it seems that everybody is on a downer with the sport because they haven%26#039;t got the Heavyweight Champ of the world anymore and aren%26#039;t really the dominant force in the boxing world that they used to be. I would guess that as soon as a new crop of American Heavys and some other weights come through and they start dominating again then you will find that there will be a lot more interest in the sport again. Kelly Pavlik could well be someone who helps the sport in America he is very exciting to watch, a few more like him and the Americans will be flooding to watch boxing again.

I do suppose that ppv doesnt help the sport as well and having big fights on terrestrial tv would attract more fans as well but we have American promoters and tv companys to thank for this and i dont see anyway back now so that is something we will all have to put up with.|||Boxing is all about Money. Blame the Don King, Bob Arum and dela Hoya%26#039;s in boxing for that. Boxing was great once because boxers fight the best competition there is. Now, boxers fights for money. Blame also the sanctioning bodies and the Alphabet Trinkets they are offering as if that is worth anything. Before we had only one champion, now we have an WBC champion, then WBA, IBF, WBF, IBO, the Ring and worst now we have the super champion, interim champion, etc. This things ruins boxing.|||There is many reasons. The 4 major sanctioning bodies prevent big time fights. Then promoters sucking there fighters dry and who you think might be a future top boxer ends up losing hi fighting spirits. Also so the Heavyweight division isn%26#039;t on top anymore. Small boxers are not excepted by everyone. There many more reasons to.|||The appeal of MMA and it%26#039;s anything-goes policy is much more appealing to the American public because of it%26#039;s brutality. Boxing doesn%26#039;t allow flying dragon kicks to the back of a person%26#039;s head and the chance for upsets like MMA does. Boxing also has lost a lot of it%26#039;s character that MMA possesses, such as the trash-talkers and it is less promoted as well.

Huge boxing fan, but right now, this is how I see it.

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