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Which punch is effective the jab in boxing or the karate way were your phist rotates when you punch?

I did some boxing and tryed karatea class the style of punches are diffrent in karatea your phist is behind your weist then rotate when you strike a target.There are moves in karatea that are lethal like karatea chops if striked in the neck,but which punches could cause more damege the ones in boxing and kickboxing or the ones used in karatea and other martial arts.|||I%26#039;ve never heard so many bad answers. Karate punches are for %26#039;breaking the skin%26#039; ????? boxers not being taught how to punch correctly etc.???

Firstly boxing punches also rotate the fist. Especially the jab.

So it%26#039;s possible there is no difference between what you are seeing.

Of the full contact karate styles kyokshin and kensryu etc. the guys who out their mind to doing a lot of full contact sparring from those sports end up punching like boxers as far as I am concerned anyway.

Guys there is one sport worth 50 million a year to the champion.

In other words anyone who thinks they are worth can take a shot at that money.

And everyone does.

And at the end of the day, the heavyweight boxing champ does boxing, punching the same way 30 million other boxers do,the same way the UFC guys learn to punch, the same way the bareknuckle boxers did in the 1700%26#039;s and 1800%26#039;s, the same way the german, french and english medieval night was taught to punch, the same way the roman gladiator was taught to punch, the same way the greeks , arabs and egyptians punched.

Anything else is mass marketed BS by martial arts companies trying to make money out of modern day suckers.

I%26#039;m sorry. When even the asian armies dumped their own fighting styles, and bushido codes and self defence techniques in favour of The western military system and rank system, that is a pretty strong endorsement to me.|||Ok the reason for the diference is gloves (there are also many technical difference) ... The surface area with a punch without gloves is two knuckles... with a glove the impact is spread out making a %26quot;fight ending punch%26quot; more difficult (but not imposible), thus the need to keep your other hand high to defend against retaliation... The gloves also serve as a small %26quot;sheild%26quot; to help absorb impact... when wearing gloves the fight is generally in close quarters and trading punches is enevitable and if you don%26#039;t keep your guard up you will have a much greater chance of being knocked out..... now the full body rotation you are describing in karate where the off hand comes to your belt... (IMO) Is to get you to learn maximum power while keeping maximum balance, but in a serious fight, I do not suggest you take either hand and turn it upside down and hold it at your belt (but for board breaking and demonstration yes)... But the practice of properly executing a MA punch will give you one hell of a right cross (my two cents)|||WTF? The jab isn%26#039;t even a punch? See this is the reason why people shouldn%26#039;t take Martial Arts when they don%26#039;t even know how to fight.

That is why most MMA guys are so slow with their punches and rely on brute strength, rather than technique to knock people out.

Anyway, the jab is only used to take the other fighter out of his rhythm and to set him up with a right cross!

The right cross is basically the same as the Karate/Taekwondo punch, except for the snap back.|||Before I tell you my views on which punch is better, i have to say that boxers usualy are not taught how to punch properly, you probably herd about Mike breaking his hand in a street fight, wel its because boxers always wrap their hands and use gloves, they usually dont learn to punch properly without the gloves so even though they punch the guy out in a street fight they can end up with a broken hand

Now about the karate way of punching, im not sure how much better it is, I have the Bas Rutten DVD at home and on it he says that its better to punch straight without rotating the fist as rotating it will only telegraph to your opponent what you are doing

As for pulling the hand back to the weist, well i think there is a time to do it and there is a time to keep your hands up. I do kyokushin karate and our training is very different from other styles but we still pull the fist back when doing a straight punch, we do it to teach our body power and body action, when you pull your fist back not only does it give your next attack more distance to travel but it also gives you better rotation

Its hard to say what is better, with karate you get more power and the ultimate goal for karate is to have one knockout punch, while boxing style where you keep your hands up you can protect yourself more, although in the street you dont have big gloves to protect yourself with so you will still need to change a little

I think boxers will know better since that is what they do, and its probably better not to pull your hand to the waist all the time, but in training i think its important to learn to have that power since in a real fight with adrenalin pumpoing your movenments will become short so its good to exadurate things during training|||Only with a bare fist is the corkscrew-style punch useful but the tate tsuki (vertical punch) is effective at close range as well as full extension. At the moment of impact with the corkscrew style punch there is hundreds of pounds of pressure and a quick, strong rotation of the fist can cause more bruising, pain, and thus blood loss into the skin and even more pain if the same spot is stuck again.|||ok, both are effective. But the purpose of the karate style punch is to break the skin upon impact. That is why the hand turns at last minute of the strike. It is hard for me to say which is more effective. Boxing is fast jabs while karate is both fast and meant to break the skin. But know this, very rarely does the breaking of the skin actually happen. But it does hurt like the dickens.|||Dear lord this is a train wreak of a thread I dont blame six for his response..

First to answer the original question.. The hand rotates for the purpose of BONE ALINEMENT and to tighten the connective tissues in the wrist. Hold your forearm close to the elbow where you can feel your bones.. radius and ulna I think, and twist your arm.. they twist over top each other. Now you could achive those things in other manners but they tend to take away from either speed or power of the strike in many cases.

Both the jab and what you are calling the %26quot;katatea%26quot; punch rotate. The jab is typically of your front hand and the other is off of your rear hand. So the rear hand has more travel time and will be more visible ( this is different from when to use a vertical punch and when to use a horizontal )

Its just in boxing you dont have to guard from kicks and its illegal to use traps. So keeping both hands up is the best defense and you would never have your back fist comming from a low angle point of origin..

In martial arts its a common pratice for some styles to keep your front hand up and your rear hand down, it allows the rear hand to pick up the low shots while both arms form an %26quot;open ended V%26quot; that can be used to trap limbs / weapons

Boxers know how to punch, thats what they do, they are a prime example of good upper body mechanics for puches. I love to watch a good boxer uppercut in slow motion.. It starts in the big toe / foot and travels up.. the elbow is over the knee, they are rotating and lifting and even the breath is in sync.. if you want to learn how to puch watch that over and over... Now they do have to limit themselves to certain motions as they are in a sport setting but for anyone to think a boxer is never taught the body mechanics of punching is sadly ignorant of what good body mechanics are.|||Both punches should twist . I took martial arts when I was young and boxed for 9 years! Before you jab your thumb is up at end of jab your thumb is towards the center of your body! The same both effective! Would have to go with advantage to the boxer since it is punching is the focus of offense in the art! It is an art!|||I think that they are both effective in their own ways, My personal feeling is that you should tailor the weapon choice to the situaiton. There is distance, target, angle of attack, and other factors when deciding which weapon choice to make. In my art, American Kenpo, we use both as well as a thrid option as a lead strike, a backfist., where the arm extends and unfolds at the elbow to take a horizontal path inward (or outward) to it%26#039;s target instead of a straight in strike like a jab.|||Here%26#039;s a picture of the jab in boxing. Verticle fist.

Here%26#039;s a picture of the punch used most commonly in karate, Japanese and Okinawan,

Here%26#039;s a picture of Isshinryu%26#039;s punch.

Notice the boxing and Isshinryu Karate punch are both verticle. Master Shimabuku seemed to believe the verticle punch was %26quot;older%26quot; in karate than the twist punch. Boxing has a twist punch too, the straight punch. Also, southern Kung Fu, from which Karate (Isshinryu and Shotokan etc) come from, has both twist and verticle punches.

So, what am I suggesting? Twisting, or not twisting a punch, verticle or not, it contained in both systems, western boxing and karate.

How old does one have to be to begin training for boxing?

My son really wants to begin training for boxing, but is only 8 years-old. Is this too young? Also, does anyone know how much this costs?|||any age really , i started at 18 iknow that the most you should be willing to pay is between 40-60 bucks per month, 8 yrs old is not too yound all thats says is by the time he reaches 14 he`d probably be ready to compete in the jr olympics with continual hard work, 17 or 18 the world championships and the olympics if thats were he wants to go|||wel i do kickboxing and ur son is 8 and i no people hoo started at 4 and it would probaly cost like 80 bucks a month and make sure ur kid is tough :)|||there is no set age for how old one must be to learn how to box. when learning anything starting at a young age is an advantage. 8 years old is a great time to start to learn. this certainly doesn%26#039;t mean h will fight at this age but starting to learn young is the best way to learn b/c when he gets older he will have an advantage over others who did not start young. as for how much it costs that depends on the gym you send him to. the one I belong to is $150 for 3 months. other gyms will have their own rates. for a good boxing gym go to and tell Melanie Ley about your son and how old he is, she will be able to find you a good gym with a price you can afford.|||any age. and see how much it costs some are free some cost so just check with the manager. i am 11 boxing. and even is you had a 4 year old child he could box so yea

Why do I love boxing so much and also hate wrestling so much?

I think wrestling is stupid but I am really into boxing.|||That just means you are normal. Wrestling is for 8 years old kids, not adults.|||Simple ....all wrestling is fixed.....but many of the few fixed fights over the past 50 + years have been the subject of Senate Investigations into this corruption......Can you imagine people actually watching boxing if all of the punches were rehearsed, pulled, slipped or blocked in order to let one fighter take a %26quot; dive %26quot; in a pre-arranged match ?|||Boxing is a legitimate sport, wrestling is a farce.

There is no real competition in wrestling it is an act.|||maybe because wrestling is fake.|||I%26#039;m not sure what you are referring to as %26quot;wrestling.%26quot; If you mean pro wrestling, the others here are right. It%26#039;s not even a sport. But, if you mean amateur wrestling, I assume you find it boring because a lot of the time is spent angling or struggling for a good position. It isn%26#039;t as exciting as boxing, where the movement and the punches can be tracked. Yet, it is just as intense if not more so. Both are legitimate and challenging sports at the amateur level. And congrats on your record. Keep it up!

Has anyone in the boxing forum ever actually swayed your thinking?

I%26#039;m just curious as to how often an answerer in the boxing forum can sway other%26#039;s opinions. How often, and by whom? Are we just saying what we think, or are we having a free exchange of ideas resulting in changing attitudes?|||I can be swayed from time to time especially when talking about a fighter I don%26#039;t like. Just because I don%26#039;t like him doesn%26#039;t mean he isn%26#039;t a great fighter but sometimes I will dissmiss some skills because a fighter is arrogant or runs at the mouth too much. When a user will point things out or just wake me up to the obvious I%26#039;ll stand corrected. Of course there are many fighters who I have only seen once or twice and depending who they fought they may have been off their game or against a very weak opponent so other users will just be more knowledgeable and able to steer me in a better direction. Most of the questions are opinion and so I%26#039;ll give mine right or wrong. I am one of the few people who rank Muhammed Ali around 3-5 instead of #1 heavyweight of all time so there is always differences of opinion. Some I%26#039;ll budge on but some I won%26#039;t.|||Sometimes I didn%26#039;t actually see a fighter fight, I only see his record or heard about him, so I would assume other who actually see him fight have better answer.|||If someone gives an intellectual counter argument rather than emotional BS, than yes it can be and has some times.|||If anyone could it would be these guys.|||Sure, it happens from time to time. Santana D made me a better person for knowing him, and changed my out look on a lot of things when I was new to this site. I mellowed a lot on my anti-Tyson position and give Mike the benefit of the doubt some times after corresponding with a couple of Tyson%26#039;s fans who brought up some good points. I will always favor a slugger who stands and trades to a runner who flicks a jab and boxes, but I mellowed on that point as well after a pretty solid question got me to thinking about it.

In general, I%26#039;m too old to change much, but yeah sometimes even an old dog like me can learn something new.

I'm interested in boxing, how do you start off training?

I%26#039;m interested in boxing and am wondering what kind of training do I need to do? Any specific exercises or routines? What about diet?|||Start learning the basics, then start checking around your hometown to see which gyms have coaches willing to work with you.|||find a boxing gym in your place... boxing, as the word says, you will train your body to box properly.||||||What i did before i entered a Boxing Gym is make sure you work out your stamina. Start running every day. 2-3 miles a day. Once you can run 6 miles without a problem sign up in a Boxing Gym. Trust me Boxing is alot more work then you think and gets really tiring really fast. you need the stamina before you start to train.

How to keep energy levels up for boxing and wrestling?

At the moment I have three boxing classes a week and no fights till late september, and one wrestling practice a week. However Starting in october I will have eight wrestling practices a week, two or three weight lifting sessions, and four boxing classes. How can I keep up my energy levels so that I can always practice 100 hundred percent. I could also use help on how to keep injury%26#039;s down. All advice is greatly appreciated... thanks.|||Well there are many ways you can gain energy.

First, make sure you are sleeping enough. That%26#039;s energy 101. No sleep= no energy. An average adult needs somewhere between 6-8 hours of sleep a night. Any more and you%26#039;ll be tired, too little and you%26#039;ll also be tired. You can also try taking a small power nap during the day too. A power nap is 15-20 mins long no more.

Second, make sure you are eating well enough. You should be eating a balanced healthy diet. No twinkies or ding dongs. They don%26#039;t give you energy. Good healthy foods with the proper mix of carbs, protein and good fats. Fish is a great energy providing food and also if you get tired at work you can snack on nuts. Nuts are great energy foods and they have good fatty acids in them as well, much better than munching on a donut. Also drink plenty of water!

Third, you should be taking a multi vitamin. Make sure your multi vitamin has a good B complex mixed into it. If it doesn%26#039;t, you need to add that to your diet. Coq10 is also a great vitamin for energy levels.

Now working out will of course give you extra energy, but you are working out TONS, so you%26#039;ll need to remember to drink protein shakes energy day and make try adding an energy booster to your routine before you go workout. I know most of them taste like **** though and are loaded with caffeine. You could try drinking a healthy energy drink before you go workout. Not the ones that you find in the stores, or at least most of them. Those will just make you crash later on in the day because they are too high in caffeine and sugar. I use one that is low in sugar and caffeine and relies on vitamins and antioxidants to give boosts in energy. Its nice because I don%26#039;t crash later on in the day and of course it is way healthier for me. The one I used I found in a free trial, although I don%26#039;t know how long it lasts. I%26#039;ll link the site at the bottom, it also has some more info on increasing your energy levels if there was something I didn%26#039;t cover for you.

Wow that was long.

Hope I%26#039;ve helped you a bit. All of these things have worked great for me.|||Running and jump roping are basic things you can do for stamina.

My nose get runny when i start boxing?

My nose constantly gets runny when i get heated or boxing and it frustrates me. Why is my nose only runny when i box? What can i do?|||Same thing happens to me when I eat hot food in summer, try using a neti pot, you can usually get them at pharmacy and as gross as it sounds when you use it it dislodges the snot basically in your nose and drains it out, that should help with the runny nose. There only $20 as well just to let you know.